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The Past&Present

2009-05-13 09:52:20 by ultimate-destruction

I was looking through all my old Reviews and posts and found how Immature and much of an asshole i was in the past when i first joined Newgrounds Look at all the Comments i said gave most of the Reviews a 0 cause i was a fucking moron Im glad to this present day ive grown more mature i reason i give great reviews and everything else and hope i stay this way 2005 was Chaotic 2009 is the new future for myself and everyone.

U.D. 2005 - 2009(And still growing)


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2009-05-13 11:01:35

Heh, I know, I looked back at my older posts as well, big difference.


2009-05-18 11:25:00

hello :3

ultimate-destruction responds:

Hey yoo


2009-05-26 06:30:03

I love your icon it's nice :3