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A favorite Furry site is shutting down

2009-06-11 02:04:16 by ultimate-destruction

After 11 to 12 years AGNPH.com is finally closing its doors as the official pokemon Furry site is over with cause of the Bandwith is exceeding so much that its costing them 107$ to keep it up each month so they said there done there never bringing it back up so say your farewels and goodbyes to AGNPH


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2009-06-11 03:59:27

wat the fuk???


2009-06-11 04:49:54

It feels like I've just been knocked to the ground.


2009-06-11 07:21:25

i found that out just today before i came here D:
oh well :<

ultimate-destruction responds:

Im sad about it that was the one and only pokemon site that was any good....


2009-06-24 23:09:24

its actually back now :o

ultimate-destruction responds:

OMFG thats awesome thanks


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